Is the car coat good for the car?

First of all, for the light, rain and snow, the branches and leaves mixed in the wind and some handcuffs or deliberately for the scratches have a more obvious protective effect, from the appearance to better protect the paint and gloss, from the interior It can delay the aging caused by the direct sunlight of plastic parts and leather goods. Secondly, in the same surrounding environment, the vehicle with the car clothes objectively increases the weight of the temporary car thief who first gave up when selecting the target. Due to the rush of conditions and the surrounding environment is unknown, the temporary initiator will not easily choose the unknown situation, for more details all weather rolls-royce protection see here. The unknown model, the target of unknown value, such a small thief may be the recent lack of money to want to spend some money, what car is not important, can sell some money to supplement the family, the better the better. Therefore, from this perspective, the car clothing increases the safety of the owner’s car. The possibility of being stolen, drawn, and desecrated will be lower than other vehicles.

On the contrary, for larger car gangs, it is easy to think that vehicles covered with clothes are first targeted. The criminals have time and patience to look around the environment and decide when to start. They are sure that the vehicles covered with the clothes will not be the vehicles that the owners often use. The private cars covered with the clothes may be relatively new. The owners must also Cars are taken care of, and no one in the car of 10 years and 200,000 kilometers will cover the car, unless the owner does not want the car to be easily found. Such car theft gangs pay more attention to the value brought by each shot, the better the less the better. This is very helpless. . .
In addition, the car is still unable to effectively protect the car from serious weather conditions and accidents, such as hail damage to the car body, such as the huge pressure on the car body, tires and suspension after the blizzard, such as the bite damage of the mouse, such as A collision of two or five eye drivers caused by collision and so on.There are other things, first write a rough idea of your own thoughts, it is a brick-and-mortar, and expect the great god to correct criticism!Fallen leaves, dead branches, the front block where the car was driving before, no trouble, the car at the end of the car went with him, and ran away as soon as he got on the road. Guanine, gum? Then the car itself is full of bird cockroaches, will you take it home and put it in the washing machine? Or throw it away in one go? How many pieces of clothing do you have to pay each month? I don’t think it is as convenient as a car wash.Wind and sand? In the windy weather, can the car cover the flying sand? If you don’t cover it, the cover will be even more frictional… friction.Snowing day? I don’t know in the north. The South has had a snow in the coldest days of last year. I haven’t seen snow in previous years. Take a snow shovel to shovel the snow on the window, and it won’t get in the way. Covered the car clothes, frozen for one night, not yet smashed down, more affecting the car.Prevent someone from handcuffs? You covered him and saw “Hey, I still cover it, so I love it”… Do you believe it or not? The car is not bulletproof.So what do you buy it? I think that the only use of the car is that it is used for long-term parking in the open air. (Because the probability of long-term parking is different from other injuries, even if the car is covered with bird cockroaches and sandstorms, it will not be taken care of. Pity).

In today’s society, whether it is a new car or an old car, car paint maintenance has always been a key project of car owners’ friends. Many car friends have been continuously coating and plating every year. I wonder if you know an alternative. The paint maintenance project has slowly spread in the aftermarket of the car – invisible clothing. Invisible clothing is simply a transparent protective film for automotive paint. It is generally called: body transparent film, whole car rhino skin, car paint protective film, etc. The product material is a polyurethane film with anti-UV. Polymer, anti-yellowing, with super toughness, non-wearing resistance, yellow, easy to stick towel, anti-collision, can be used to isolate automotive paint surface from air, prevent acid rain, prevent oxidation, resist scratching, lasting Protect the paint surface of the car. It depends on different environments. For example, it is very cold in the northern winter. It will use a few centimeters thick. After using the car, the car can be started after the car is removed. It can protect the car, but This kind of clothing is only used in the north.

If the car is parked in the community, the leaves of various deciduous plants and the bird droppings of various birds are easy to fall on the car, especially in the gap between the front wiper and the front block. It is difficult to clean and can be protected with the coat. It is. There are also dust storms in the north that are bad weather, and flying sand can easily damage the paint surface. In these cases, it can play a protective role. Of course, the car clothes are also good or bad. If you pay for a penny, you can use the product below 100 to get the profit. How much budget can you use on the product? Car, a good car is necessary. Of course, if the car has always had an exclusive indoor parking lot, the wind can’t be blown, the rain won’t blow, and the car clothes are useless.

Which car brand is better? What kind of material is the car cover?

Most of the cars are now parked in the open air. Wind and rain, snow and frost and car paint can easily lead to aging. Therefore, it is very important to buy a high-quality car clothing for your car. Then, what should we pay attention to when buying the car? The following reporter will give you a brief introduction.

Interpretation: Which brand of clothing is good?

The reporter learned in the interview that some car owners doubted that the car clothes are useful? Some car owners want to buy a car, but they don’t know which brand is good. For this reason, the reporter specially interviewed the car decoration master Wang Lei. It is understood that Master Wang often helps car owners choose auto supplies online.First of all, it is recommended that the owner read this blog, the article describes how to buy a car cover, and the article recommended several materials and workmanship is very good Brand. It is recommended that the owner of the car clothing is going to have a look.Car decoration Wang Lei master told reporters that as the sales of car clothing is getting hotter and hotter, there are many brands of car clothing. Many merchants will cut corners on the material of car clothing in order to make profits, and such a car can not only give us The car will protect us, but it will destroy our car paint.The clothes produced by small workshops are often low-grade materials, rough workmanship, and even damage to paintwork. Car modification Wang Lei introduced that the current car clothing is in the initial stage of development, there is no real big brand. Some car clothing sales companies, exaggerating publicity, boasting their own car clothing brand, is actually not reliable.

For example, some car clothing brands, propaganda said to be “PVC” material car clothes, in fact, is a layer of plastic, and some even have no rear view mirror cover. This kind of clothing is worn on the body of the car, loose and sturdy. When the wind is blowing, the car is slap on the body, which is very likely to cause scratches on the car paint.

Analysis: Which material is good for the car?

Car decoration Wang Lei master said that the most important thing to buy a car suit is to look at the material and workmanship of the car, the quality of the car material should be anti-dirty, anti-acid and fire. Below, Master Wang introduced several reliable quality car cover materials.

Material 1, single coating material: This kind of clothing has good dustproof and sunscreen effect, but it is not rainproof and scratch resistant. It can only be used on one side. Moreover, the single-coated car is only silver, and the silver has a good effect on the anti-UV . The single-coated material is lighter, generally about 1 kg. The service life is about 2 years.

Material 2, nano-flame retardant material: This material of the car is made of 560w nano-cloth as the raw material, according to the company’s implementation standards through three shrinkage, waterproof breathable film, silver two anti-UV radiation, dry friction treatment twice, Wet rubbing treatment three times, 90-stage water-repellent test to make the hydrostatic pressure reach 800m/m—1000m/m, flame retardant 0(s)>90mm, plus nine processes such as anti-fouling and anti-oil agent, the weight of the car is generally About 2 kg, the service life is 4-5 years.

Material 3, PEVA material: It is made of PE and EVA. It has good softness and a little elasticity. PEVA material has the advantages of high performance, such as non-toxic, good elasticity, light weight, warm and breathable, windproof, waterproof, anti-grease and so on.

Material 4, PU material clothing: This material has excellent wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability and aging resistance. However, the price of this material is expensive, so domestic manufacturers will choose to use PEVA material instead.

Material 5, PVC material: This material has good dustproof and rainproof effect, but it is not sunscreen or scratch resistant. Moreover, the PVC material is heavier, generally about 3-4 kg. The service life is about 2 years.

 Material 6, breathable material clothing: This material is popular in Europe and the United States, and less used in the country. It is fully functional, long-lived and not old. It is breathable, waterproof, dustproof, scratch resistant, UV resistant, and antibacterial. The reporter suggested that the car owner reference several car clothing introduced in this article, the car decoration Wang Master introduced the monthly sales of these riders reached thousands, indicating this The material and workmanship of several garments are recognized by the owner. In addition, a qualified car clothing should be produced by a professional manufacturer for a car tailoring process, and the car clothing material is deeply processed, such as: water pressure treatment, dry and wet friction test, The waterproof and breathable membrane makes the car cover cover on the body with good air permeability, silver coating number, anti-fouling, anti-oil agent, etc. The ten-step process can be used on both sides according to the national standard. Qualified products will generally provide quality assurance for the products, and are professional OEM manufacturers of automobile clothing.

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